Whether you are updating your bathroom to sell your home or create the perfect relaxing space, you will be making a big investment, so you need to get it right.

I love designing bathrooms, from the vast array of tiles, showers, baths, basins and brassware, I even like toilets!

So whether you want, traditional, industrial, sleek and modern or glamour, I’ve got it covered. I’m going to share some planning tips with you and I’ve collected some of my favourite bathroom ideas too. Some are my own designs and some are just to give some inspiration.


Making a start:

Measure your bathroom including door spaces and Windows and the play around with the layout on some graph paper using a scale rule.

Decide on you style and colour scheme.

If you have a small space you can buy space saver baths, but think carefully whether you want to step into a bath every morning for a shower. If you don’t bathe regularly, you room could feel more luxurious if you have a larger walk in shower.

Wet rooms, initially were problematic, but if you use a reputable plumber and make sure he tanks the room, you should have no issues. If a wet room is too expensive for your budget, go for a low level tray. It’s much less expensive, but offers a similar look.

Make sure your brassware is compatible with the heating system, or you could end up with a disappointing trickle and having to invest an expensive noisy pump or even more costly updating you central heating system.

Choosing your toilet:

If you have a small square space a short projection close coupled toilet is probably your best option.

Back to the wall or wall hung work well in a recess or where there is lots of space. You can build in precious storage above, to keep you bathroom clutter free.

Brass ware:
Chrome has been King of the bathroom for many years, but there is a lean towards mixing metals now. It’s important to get the tone right, eg if you are going for gold, go for the champagne or Rose tones. The orange shades can look cheap. Brass and copper look better with brushed finishes.

I don’t even know where to begin, there is so much choice, but my favourites are the wood effect and patterned tiles. You don’t need to tile the whole room, in fact not doing so will give you scope to change your colour scheme down the line.

Finally buy some new fluffy towels, light the candles and relax ❤️

I will cover lighting in a separate article, so keep your eyes peeled

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